Spring in Michigan? - March 25, 2014

April is usually the time we think about planting our canola crop.  I say "usually" because this Spring in Michigan is unusually cold and we're starting to wonder if the snow will ever melt.  Canola does love cool weather, but when temperatures are predicted to drop to -6 degrees tonight and again tomorrow night, it's hard to believe the ground will ever thaw enough to plant a month from now.  Still, we are hopeful!  

I'm truly enjoying pressing and bottling the oil from the 2013 harvest.  It is lighter in color than the oil that the 2012 seeds produced and seems lighter and somehow fresher.  I hope to find the time to explore what causes the exact same seed variety to produce different color seeds and different shades of oil.  The 2013 seeds are dark black while the 2012 seeds were brown.  The darker the seeds, it seems the lighter the oil.  

canola bottlesh