Welcome to the B&B Farms Website!

Welcome to the B&B Farms Website!

We are proud of the fact that B & B Farms is the only farm in Michigan that grows and cold presses Pure Michigan
all natural
 Non-GMO canola oil. 

We’re excited to share our locally grown product with the people of
Michigan and beyond. Not only is our oil one of the healthiest oils you can buy, but our oil is produced in a unique way that retains these natural, beneficial components.

We hope you will try our oil and love it as much as we do.

We aren’t just selling a product –
we’re sharing our farm and ourselves with you!

B & B Farms received the 2016 MSU Product Center Value-added Agriculture Award.  See the presentation video by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/J6j0ndWIof0

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What the people think.

Here are a few responses from folks who've tried our all natural,
locally grown B & B Farms Canola Oil:

"We have now tried the canola oil on the grill to grill fish and on the stove to sauté zucchini. It is wonderful, kind of a mix between canola and olive oil with a peanut flavor. We can't wait to buy more."
--Sarah Bydalek
"There's just something about using non-processed, straight-from-the-earth ingredients when cooking. B&B Farms Canola Oil is just that. It doesn't need any fancy buzz words to prove its worth in the kitchen. It is not my substitute oil, it is my "go to" oil."
-- Joel Shupe
I am always looking for natural, locally-grown foods for my family. Canola oil is so good for you and is grown right here!
--Julie Lovelace 

All Natural

Our canola is “farm-to-table” wholesome, going from our fields into a grain bin, where it is stored until we press it.   After harvest, we clean the seeds and use our cold oil press to extract the oil.  This is done at our farm in Marion, Michigan in a licensed kitchen using a procedure inspected and licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  After our bottles are filled and sealed, we sell them at various stores throughout Michigan. We also sell gallon containers through West Michigan Farmlink and Cherry Capital Foods.  Five-gallon pails are also available.

Locally GrownAll Natural Michigan Grown Canola Oil

Our fields consist of gently rolling uplands with 8 – 12 inches of topsoil.  They are between 15 and 70 acres in size, and we farm them using sustainable farming practices. We have recently received the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) verification.  We can tell you exactly which county, township, and section your oil came from – in fact we can tell you which field and what management practices were used; such as date of planting, amount of fertilizer, yield in bushels per acre, and variety of canola seed planted.


The canola oil we process is unique.  We start with a Clearfield variety which is “non-GMO" (Genetically Modified Organism).  We harvest only when the sun and wind have dried it below 10% moisture to prevent mold or mustiness.  We cold press it, insuring the temperature of the oil never gets above 138 degrees Fahrenheit.  You’ll notice the deep natural color of this oil which is unbleached and unrefined.  You’ll also notice the natural nutty fragrance that remains because we don’t use high temperatures to deodorize it.  And finally, we fill the bottles extra full to eliminate as much air as possible to reduce oxidation.